Rugby Helps Our Heroes EXTRA

A new range of film projects

raising money for charities and clubs

In addition to the charity calendar projects that Rugby Helps Our Heroes produces, we have now launched a new, ongoing, range of fundraising films called 'Rugby Helps Our Heroes EXTRA'.

EXTRA Film #01 was 'The George Project'

EXTRA Film #02 was 'The Boys are Back'

EXTRA Film #03 has just been released (January 2024) and is called 'What the Boys Did Next'

EXTRA Film #04 is in post-production right now, and is called 'More From the Boys'.  

This will be released at the end of February 2024

EXTRA Film #05 is currently being filmed and will be called 'Sports Day with The Boys'.  This is due for release at the end of March 2024.

All EXTRA films, and calendar films, are available to buy at:


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Rugby Helps Our Heroes is a charity calendar project

featuring professional and amateur rugby players

baring all to raise funds for charities and clubs, nominated by the players themselves

Previous players to pose for the calendar include

stars of rugby league and rugby union

including Super League stars Stuart Reardon,

Wayne Godwin, Luke Robinson and Nick Youngquest

On this website you will find: information about the various calendar projects,

the 'behind the scenes' films, and the new range of Rugby Helps Our Heroes EXTRA films. 

There is also information about how to get your team involved in the next calendar project,

and raise funds for your club, and your chosen charity.

We also have an online store at: shurugbyshop.co.uk

where you can buy the calendars, films and photo sets.

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